Weird Dream Last Night

  • Levi (Rivaille) was singing sad pop-ballad songs so I sang along (we’re both inside a jeepney)
  • Something about playing voleyball
  • Or maybe that volleyball was just Haikyuu!! hangover and wasn’t really a dream XD
Total desperation. XD

Total desperation. XD

Sparkling Hinata Shiouyou *w*

Sparkling Hinata Shiouyou *w*

SoundClick artist: Kazaki - Kristel Ann Cuadra (a.ka. Kazaki) is an indie composer, singer, band vocalist, keyboardist, arranger

Welp I tried this site again because…uhh…you know.

Actually, back in 2007 I already made an account here but, most of my music was n00b and ??? so I kinda forgot about it. And also, I have bad memories with this site.


Romance Novels and Wattpad: A Personal Insight

First of all, I would like you to know that I write stories of various genres. You can check out my works at the following:
I’ve been writing stories for a long time, since around 2004 or earlier, though I admit my plots back then were…uhh…predictably cheesy. I’ve only recently created a Wattpad account, only on January 26, 2013. My story blog (from Blogger) was also created a bit late, only around 2012. You can, however, also find some of my stories (with original post dates) on deviantART.
The reason I’m writing this is for two reasons:

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